The MicroPHP Fallacy

I came across a rather interesting post yesterday entitled The MicroPHP Manifesto. The author made clever use of a very interesting analogy (drum players) to try to prove his point that less is more. The article makes a very interesting read, and I would suggest that everyone reads it. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

With that said, I have to disagree with the article rather vehemently. I think the message is somewhat right, but for all the wrong reasons. Let me try to explain:

On PSR-0 Being Included In PHP's Core

Note: The voting phase has begun on If you have an svn account somewhere on, vote and share your opinion: SPLClassLoader Vote

Recently there has been a rather heated and intense discussion on whether the PSR-0 autoloader “standard” should be included as part of the PHP core (in ext/spl to be exact). I’ve tried to stay out of the discussion and have successfully done so. Until today. I feel that there’s something that’s been missing to the discussion. So rather then posting this to the internals list, I feel it’s better served by a blog post on the subject. So here’s my take on it.


I don’t think it should be included in the core.

How Not To Hire Me

So I got a rather interesting email today. Ever since I put my resume public a few months ago (even though it was taken off just 2 weeks later when I accepted a position), I’ve been getting emails quite often from recruiters looking for help. Most are mildly interesting and the majority I just glance over. But every once in a while I get one that takes me aback and makes me look deeper. Some of those turn out to be really good. And some of those are shockingly bad. This one is the latter…