Rambling On Internals


This is a post that I didn’t want to write. Actually, it’s a post that I still don’t want to write. But I find myself in a situation where I feel that I have to say something. So I’m going to just open up here. I’m going to put it all out on the table, and see what happens from there.

IteratorIterator - PHP Inconsistencies And WTFs


Last night I was discussing the SPL Iterators with @go_oh in the PHP StackOverflow chat room when I came across something very interesting. We were talking about why some of the SPL Iterators accept only an Iterator as the constructor argument (Such as LimitIterator), and others accept either an Iterator or an IteratorAggregate as the argument (Such as IteratorIterator). Feeling that this would be a useful feature to add (having all of them accept an IteratorAggregate), I opened up the PHP source and started looking at how hard of a change this would be. What I found was… Interesting…

How Not To Hire Me

So I got a rather interesting email today. Ever since I put my resume public a few months ago (even though it was taken off just 2 weeks later when I accepted a position), I’ve been getting emails quite often from recruiters looking for help. Most are mildly interesting and the majority I just glance over. But every once in a while I get one that takes me aback and makes me look deeper. Some of those turn out to be really good. And some of those are shockingly bad. This one is the latter…