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A few days ago, I posted a video about how to become a better developer. There were a few interesting comments made, but one in particular from the Reddit thread ( ) peaked my interest. So I decided to do a reply. Check it out:



Reddit Post

I agree with this concept, on the basis that you already have an established basic understanding of what’s out there.

A lot of people are basically lost in an overwhelming sea of solutions and don't always understand which is the best most applicable one. Without initial direction, learning to learn has a good chance to learn the wrong way to do something. Asking questions sometimes just means someone wants to do it right the first time. Both are useful, one is quicker.

I think the biggest problem people starting out have is a lack of knowing where to begin at all. What should I learn first? What best prepares me for learning what to learn. Do I learn straight php? Should I focus on OO? Do I use a CMS? Which one? Framework? Which one?

Asking for guidance is not bad, but it's hard to give because there is no perfect answer. For those expecting guidance, telling them to learn how to learn may seem sagelike but it's also a cop-out.

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Abstruse Goose Comic

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