Programming With Anthony - References

The third video to my Programming With Anthony series is up! In this video, I talk about variables in PHP and how they work under the hood. I explain the difference between variable references and object references, along with the semantics of each. Give it a watch!

This is the culmination of my trial at these YouTube videos. I have done a high-level one (focusing on abstract concepts), a mid-level one (focusing on the theory behind a concept) and a low-level one (focusing on implementation details). So my question to you all, is where would you like to see this go? Would you like more high-level concept videos? Or would you like more hands-on theory? Or would you like deeper dives into more technical areas?

Of course the series will continue with a mixture of the three, but I’d like your feedback on the direction of the series, so that you can get the most out of it! Leave a note in the comments with your thoughts!



And as always, thanks for watching!