Contribute to Contributors

The holidays can be a trying time of year for everyone, with all the gift buying and stress and all. I wanted to take this time to make a plea. The open source software that all of us use is powered by volunteers! Show them your support by donating! I’m compiling a list here of prominent contributors to donate to, and I strongly urge you to consider saying “thank you” to people who work hard to give you the tools and knowledge that you use every day! So, without anything further:

Or, if donating to individuals isn’t your thing (or you want to do more), there are plenty of charities that could use your help (here are only a few ideas):

And other organizations (not exactly charities) that are worth while donating to:

Who did I miss? If you know someone (or a worth-while charity) that I missed, either reply in a comment, or shoot me an email (ircmaxell [at] php [dot] net) and I’ll add them to the list…